Capturing raw, honest emotion in single photographs. Telling stories in single, unposed images rather than just creating a series of pretty snapshots. Capturing the essence of that moment in a single frame so that you’re able to look at that photograph weeks, months or years after it was made and remember how you felt at the time.





Documentary wedding photography is essentially about telling stories. My job, as I see it, is to tell the story of your wedding day exactly as it happened. No gimmicks and no ‘flash’ photography (pun intended). For me, this means all the ups and downs – the laughter, the dancing, the grazed knees, the nerves, the torn dresses, the panic, the love, friends reuniting, the tears, the bad jokes, the lost keys, the lost cars, people absolutely insisting on enjoying themselves and each other – all of it.

My approach to your wedding day


The moments you’ll remember don’t need prompting so I won’t be interfering in your day in any way. I won’t be arranging you and your guests into endless, awkward posed photos. I won’t be keeping you away from your friends and family doing wedding portraits for ages either. It’s your day, not mine.

I’ll photograph your wedding from the perspective of your guests. When you look at your photos afterward I want you to be remembering your day, as it was for you, not remembering what your photographer was doing…


Documentary Wedding Photography